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Name:Dream Icons
Posting Access:All Members, Moderated
This community is for any graphics, icons, banners, layouts, mood themes, etc. including those which are related to Dreamwidth in some way.


1. Put all NSFW images behind a cut, with the appropriate warning text.
2. Snarky icons are ok ~ snarky comments are not. If you don't have a sense of humor, don't advertise it... just skip the post and move on.
3. Graphics do not have to have a dreamsheep in them. The base graphic is included below for convenience purposes.
4. Don't post anything that you aren't willing to share ~ this will inevitably cause conflict down the line as it is too easy to grab graphics from websites. That said...
5. if you do use someone else's work, please credit them if they ask for it.

The original Photoshop base for the sheep can be found here. Fonts used for the graphic are: "ream" is Futura Medium and "width" is Gill Sans Bold. The D is a custom graphic.

You can also find other stock imagery here.

Original dreamsheep made by [personal profile] helens78.

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